Gwen and COVID-19

Have not posted in a while about Gwen-our all original 1939 Dodge D11 Luxury Liner Deluxe as with most people in the whole wide world is dealing with the COVID -19- pandemic. No car shows, car meets or basically any where you can bring your car except for a quick joy ride around the block. That said, when I put her to bed for the winter the battery was on it’s last leg’s and that battery was not replaced since I bought the car now going on 5 years ago. Pulling the battery, the date on the battery was 2013 – so that’s pretty damn good for a 7 year old battery that is sitting! Obviously I really did not do too much with her until this past weekend when I pulled the battery and bought a new one to start her up to get her juices flowing. Put the new battery in and turned the key -NOTHING! Pulled the front seat back out (as the battery box is directly under the drivers side bench seat) and went back in. The negative battery terminal wire pulled out of the crimp on terminal. OK, an easy fix – buy a new battery terminal, tighten it up and put it back on the battery, that was the issue. 6281729_atc_ac166a1500107_pri_larg

Pumped the gas pedal a few dozen times cranked her up-repeat and varoooom she started up like it did just before I put her down for the winter. Those flat head 6’s stand the test of time and run well even at 81 years old, that is crazy! I know a few things need to be checked out on her as of last year, I was not happy the way the brakes were working, a spongy feel and had to pump them a lot to stop this heavy car – so they need to be thoroughly checked out. Brakes lines, Brakes pads, Master cylinder etc. a full inspection and repair what is needed. Also the tires are looking like dry rot is starting to set in, you know those little cracks in the sidewalls so I know I need to replace those black wall tires.

Should I go with Whitewalls???      What do you think ?      Do we have a vote?

I think white walls would jazz her up a bit.


Well, that is about all I have to report on Gwen at this time – I will let you know how it worked out with the brakes and the tires.


Merry Christmas

Another season has passed with our 1939 Dodge D11 Deluxe Luxury Liner. Did’t really take Gwen out that much this past year as I have been so busy with work and other things. Right now she is put to bed for the winter, although before I put her to bed I did the regular routine to winterize her and tuck her in. I know the battery is now on it’s last leg–so I will have to buy a new one for next season. She also needs the brakes checked and a good lube job. I’m thinking new tires are also on the horizon.

To all you car lovers – Happy Holidays – and get the car clean, mean and ready to roll for next year!

Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year 2020!

Just Built a New Carport

Had to build a new carport due to the fact that Gwen got hit on the head last year by a big old branch from a tree. Was not happy about that so I had to do something. The tarp like tent carport definitely did not cut it or protect her from a wind storm and a tree branch.

img_2201As you can see , it was a big branch. I bought a versa tube steel car port 10′ x 32′ in tan. Went together in 2 days and looks pretty good and sturdy, so I think the old girl will be happy and protected in this, her new digs. She shares it with my wife’s historic car Called Francie, a 1976, Mercedes 450 SL hardtop, convertible.


Gwen got hit on the head!

We’ll, we have some bad news about Gwen.

No she hasn’t stop running, she turns over every time and runs like the matriarch she is. That said, she did have an unfortunate thing happen to her about a month or so ago.

She got thumped on her head!!!

In the temporary car port we have her stored in for the winter, in a wind storm a huge branch broke off a nearby tree and ripped through the roof of the the car port and landed right on the roof of Gwen. It was a pretty hefty branch and pushed in the roof as you can see in the pictures below. Thank God it didn’t do more damage, but any damage to the old girl is not good. I was able to push the roof back up and there is only a small indentation in the roof that obviously we are not very happy about.

The most dis-concerning part is, as I thought would happen as I pushed the roof back up, an area of the paint cracked and now there is a section (actually 2 sections) that the bare metal is exposed. Now I have to figure out what I can do to further fix this dent and these spots and match the existing paint. In which will not be easy at all.

Any suggestions would certainly be welcome!!

The damage

After I was able to push the roof up


Working on Gwen

Been so busy with things I have negelected Gwen. Not to fear she is fine! Spent some time on her today, checked all the fluids, checked all the tires, charged the battery and took her for a spin and she ran just perfect! Here is a few pictures



Drove Gwen to Orient Point

July 17th – Took Gwen on a long drive to Orient Point.  – 52 mile drive one way – She drove like a champ going there but she was a little rough on the way back, we stopped at our Niece and her husbands house and checked the wires on the spark plugs and the distributor cap and re-set them. She drove fine again after I did that. All said and done we did about 120 miles.What I am noticing is that some of the connections need to be cleaned up. For example, last week the horn suddenly stopped working, I played with the connections and the horn was blowing fine again. So, I will in the upcoming weeks go over all the connections clean them up, replace any connectors and do a change out of a few wires that are looking a little ragged.I think that will solve some sporadic issue’s that have been cropping up.