Drove Gwen to Orient Point

July 17th – Took Gwen on a long drive to Orient Point.  – 52 mile drive one way – She drove like a champ going there but she was a little rough on the way back, we stopped at our Niece and her husbands house and checked the wires on the spark plugs and the distributor cap and re-set them. She drove fine again after I did that. All said and done we did about 120 miles.What I am noticing is that some of the connections need to be cleaned up. For example, last week the horn suddenly stopped working, I played with the connections and the horn was blowing fine again. So, I will in the upcoming weeks go over all the connections clean them up, replace any connectors and do a change out of a few wires that are looking a little ragged.I think that will solve some sporadic issue’s that have been cropping up.

The Year 2016 – Follow Gwen

Winter is still here – although that little rat groundhog did not see his shadow so we hope it won’t be too long before we can take the Dodge out for a spin.

Stayed tuned in – we will be working and showing her off in the coming months!

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